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The IBA is committed to the recognition, protection and enhancement of the rights of Indigenous peoples in Canada.  In order to allow the IBA to more effectively advocate on behalf of Indigenous peoples, we encourage our members to provide input and insight into any legislative or regulatory initiatives that may impact the rights  Indigenous peoples in Canada.  The participation of IBA members will enable the Board to fully utilize the IBA’s extensive network of Indigenous professionals, academics, and students to ensure that the development of legislation and regulations are carried out in a way which respects the rights of Indigenous peoples in Canada.
If you have any comments or suggestions with respect to the proposed federal or provincial legislation listed below, please click on the legislation to access a page containing a brief description of the legislation and to a link that will direct all of your comments to a representative of the IBA Board of Directors Legislation Committee.

  • Bill S-6, An Act Respecting the Election and Term of Office of Chiefs and Councillors of Certain First Nations and the Composition of Council of those First Nations.
  • Bill S-16, An Act to Amend the Criminal Code (Trafficking in Contraband Tobacco)
  • Bill C-302, An Act Respecting Louis Riel.
  • Bill C-428, An Act to Amend the Indian Act (Publication of By-Laws) and to Provide for its Replacement.

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